Blade 180 QX Review

Blade 180 QX Review

The Blade 180 QX HD Quadcopter is a Best RC Quadcopter, which can be virtually used anywhere and very easy to re-charge the battery. It also comes with equipped SAFE technology that accommodates three positional flight modes for a variety of piloting skills. It comes with a built-in HD camera on any quadcopter model with a free transmission channel.

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Welcome to the Exclusive Blade 180 QX Review, where you can find out more information about the Blade 180 QX Quadcopter. Blade Helis is one of the Subsidiaries of the Horizon Hobby Inc, the Parent Company.

They are specialized in manufacturing high-quality there helicopter and quadcopter for consumers. One of their popular line of quadcopters include the Blade 180 QX and Blade 350 QX (Click here to see the Blade 350 QX Review), but this article will only offer you the Blade 180 QX Review.

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Blade 180 QX Specifications

  • Model: Blade Qx180
  • Review Product: Blade 180 QX Review
  • Model Name: 180 QX HD RTF with SAFE (Blade 180 QX HD RTF)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Transmitter included? Yes (Functional Transmitter/Receiver)
  • Safety feature: SAFE technology
  • Motor: 8.5mm brushed motor
  • Camera: E-Flite EFC-721 Camera
  • Batteries: 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery
  • Assembly Type: (RTF) Ready-To-Fly – Blade 180 QX HD
  • Flight Duration: up to fifteen minutes of RC flight experience
  • Fuel Source: Electric
  • Expert level: Beginner, intermediate (recommended) and expert RC flyers

Blade 180 QX Review – The Blade 180 Quadcopter is very familiar with the Blade Nano QX, but it differs in terms of size, features, design, and the list price. There may be a few Blade 180 QX Forum which discusses the blade 180 Qx HD quadcopter, hence it is recommended to read this Blade 180 MX Quadcopter Reviews Guide than that for a detailed and unbiased opinion.

Blade 180 QX Quadcopter Overview

Blade 180 QXThe head Distribution Center of the Horizon Hobby Company is situated in Champaign, Illinois. Blade Helis is one of the subdivisions of Hobby Horizon manufacturing lines.

This company also manufactures a variety of other products such as RC plane, car, train, boat, Blade 180 QX HD Parts, and other remote radio controllers. They are an international distributorship company, which is at least 50 different countries across the globe.

In this Blade 180 QX Review, we will mainly talk about the blade 180 qx battery, blade 180 qx fpv, camera, flight mode, flight duration and so on. The Blade 180 Quadcopter is the right model if you are looking for a radio-controlled and sleek quadcopter to add to your master collection.

This little RC quadcopter is a good aircraft designed especially for both the beginner and expert RC flyers alike. Some of the other popular lines of Blade quadcopters are blade 200 qx and blade 350 qx.

The Blade Company also says that the Blade Qx180 is similar to the Nano QX and MQX models. However, the propellers and motor pots are the same compared with other models, but the landing gear and color scheme settings are higher to facilitate the built-in camera. The fact that all the models come with similar spare parts, this makes it possible to repair a few parts from one model to another one easily.

This is an excellent feature if you wish to switch a variety of parts from one quadcopter to another. We recommend you to go through the upcoming Blade 180 QX Review to find-out additional information that you do not know about the Blade 180 QX HD Quadcopter.

Blade 180 QX Completion Levels

The Blade 180 Qx HD RTF Quadcopter is designed to work either with the RTF transmitter or you can operate this Quadcopter in BNF (Bind-and-Fly) if you do not want to make an extra investment on the RTF remote transmitter.

The BNF Blade 180 QX Upgrades allow you to make use of an appropriate operational air transmitter and suitable spectrum that you currently got on hand and own.

Blade 180 QX Three Flight Modes

blade 180 qx hd quadcopter

This part of the Blade 180 QX Review will talk about the variety of flight modes offered by the Blade Qx180. Blade 180 Quadcopter comes with SAFE Technology (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) for a third agility flight and two stability flight options.

Low Angle Stability mode is for the first flight mode that is ideal for using the built-in HD camera. It is also the smooth flight mode for Aerial Photography and Video Recording.

The second flight mode or the (High Angle Stability Mode) offers the flyer much freedom with controlling the blade 180 qx HD quadcopter for more aggressive patterns of flight, but you cannot flip in this specific model.

You have a few restrictions, although you have complete freedom over the flight in this mode. The third flight mode or the (Agility Mode) intended especially for the expert RC flyers who want to make use of the integrated HD camera, while not using the safety flight mode to avoid the blade 180 qx HD from doing loops or flips while capturing pictures.

This flight mode allows for a precision flight of the Blade 180 QX HD Quadcopter. As we mentioned earlier, there are three different flight modes from which you can switch between. The agility flight mode is not recommended for first-time or novice RC flyer.

Blade 180 QX- On-board EFC 720 Camera

blade 180 qx hd rtf cameraThe built-in EFC 720 HD camera comes with an on/off switch which must be set either on or off before flying the Blade 180 Quadcopter. You can use the on-board camera setting from the remote transmitter to swipe between a snapshot picture or video mode and begin the camera within each flight mode.

The built-in camera of the Blade 180 QX comes with 2 gig micro SD card, which connects to the servo lead built into the board base. You can attach the HD camera to the hook loop strap for ideal mounting.

You may also use this camera on other Quadcopter if it is compatible. It also comes with an equipped micro USB connector which allows the person to plug the on-board camera into their personal computer to download pictures and videos without having to remove the Micro SD card out of the HD camera.

For this Blade 180 QX Review Camera, we offer an “A” Rating for offering a high-quality definition while capturing a photo or recording a video.


Blade 180 QX is an ideal flying machine if you are looking for innovative flight capabilities and features. It makes video and aerial photography affordable and easy.

The 1.3 megapixels EFC-720 on-board camera allows for an enhanced experience. Overall, Blade 180 QX Quadcopter is ideal for both beginners and expert hobbyists, powerful enough to be flown in indoor and outdoor conditions.

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