Blade 200 QX Review

Blade 200 QX Review
Blade 200 QX is an ideal Quadcopter for almost every RC enthusiast and flyer. This BNF Aircraft packs a punch with a variety of features including the three flight modes, high-capacity brushless motors, Internal LED illumination, optional blade 200 QX camera compatibility and so on.

It is Amazingly fun and easy to fly with three flight modes for beginners to novice to an expert. The 200qx model could be considered if you have RC interest or experience on a quadcopter.

It is a Must-Have for anyone looking for one that is more than a “Toy-Grade” model. This is the right model even if you are a person who enjoys just flying or serious drone expert/hobbyist.

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Welcome to the Blade 200 QX Review. The Blade 200 QX Quadcopter is a Bind-N-Fly (BNF) RC Aircraft for which you need to supply a Radio Controller, at-least a Spektrum DX6i which is directly connected and ready to fly in minutes.

This model is very similar to the Blade 350 QX Quadcopter but differs based on the features, integration of technology and the specification. We recommend you to read this Blade 200 QX Review thoroughly for a clear understanding of the Blade 200 Quadcopter.

If you are looking to discover more information on the blade 350 QX, Click Here for the separate review. With that being said, this article intended to only discuss the Blade 200 QX Review.

People like to buy RC Aircraft such as Blade 200 Quadcopter for a variety of reasons including blade 200 QX FPV support, blade 200 QX camera, aerial photography, maneuverability, speed and other things which make much interest.

Blade 200 Specifications

  • Model: 200 QX
  • Model Name: 200 QX BNF with SAFE
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 8 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 193.5 grams
  • Length: 142mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • Height: 90mm
  • Blade 200 QX RTF? No
  • Flight Duration: 10–15 minutes
  • Batteries: Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) flight battery (included)
  • Assembly Type: (BNF) Bind-N-Fly
  • Require: DSMX® or 5+ channel DSM2® compatible transmitter

The brand name of the Blade 200 QX is known as the “Blade” which is given to Multirotor, RC Quadcopter by an American Company, The Horizon Hobby. This company has been always good in the business since the mid-1980′s and still operating successfully on the market.

They have manufacturing and offices right around the world and it is a company that is more than an ordinary “toy-grade” vendor. Horizon Hobby lines of quadcopter products are sold in a variety of outlets including the most popular

In this Blade 200 QX Review, we will take a closer look at the Blade 200 Qx Quadcopter which comes with powerful and high-capacity brush-less motors for superior flight and lifts. Horizon Hobby Company refers to this model as a compact quadcopter packed with high-tech features.

We recommend this model for both beginner and intermediate RC Flyers. The Blade Nano QX Quadcopter is the ideal choice if you are looking for the mini version of the Blade 200 QX model.

You need to buy the Spektrum DX5e remote control transmitter separately, which is also created by the Horizon Hobby and could be used for their other models as well as some other brands that use or compatible with DSM RC technology, A wireless type of protocol.

For reference to this Blade 200 QX Review, we bought both the Blade 200 Qx Quadcopter and Spektrum DX5e TX to offer the most accurate, unbiased opinion on this model.

Flying The Blade 200 Qx Quadcopter

flying the blade 200 qxBlade Qx 200 Quadcopter does not have a Return-to-Home or GPS System that you find on expensive quadcopters, but you still get a very smooth, stable and fun to fly quadcopter for the money. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight with mild or no wind.

It needs very little effort from you to start flying the blade 200 QX quadcopter. For first-time flyers, all you have to do is just a small response on the remote control and you are up on the sky flying around easily.

Although it is bigger and heavier compared with Hubsan X4, still it is tamer than the Hubsan X4. The only problem of the Blade 200 QX is that it needs more space to move around in, while the Hubsan can fly into very tightest corners easily.

The outdoor flight experience of the Blade 200 Quadcopter is simply outstanding. It is just like an icing on the cake with the built-in on-board camera which allows you to shoot high-quality aerial photos and videos.

It really scoots when you push this quadcopter around. This is definitely one of the fun and easy to fly RC Aircraft that comes with a variety of features to fill your long-awaited expectation.

Blade 200 QX Upgrades

The Blade 200 QX is a fun and easy to fly quadcopter right out of the package if you are desperate to let it loose. There is a variety of Blade 200 QX Upgrades including the extra set of propellers and blade 200 QX battery – 950mAh 30C Lipo Pack.

These affordable accessories allow for an inverted flight that allows you to do various acrobatic stunts such as rolls, flips, aerial stunts or even fly upside down.

Unlike other ordinary “Toy” Companies, Horizon Company understands that the buyer is the priority and the spare part should be made usually available at an affordable price.

You may have to back-order some parts for a few weeks, but still, these are relatively inexpensive and offer good value for your investment. The Horizon offers telephone call support for customer and technical service queries.

There is an assurance from the blade brand for the Parts Availability if you want to replace the landing gear or frame after a crash. Most of the replacement parts cost less than $20 and the repair is very anyone with basic tools.

Blade 200 QX – Bind And Fly

In this Blade 200 QX Review, We will share some of the useful information on the topics of “What does a BNF mean” and “How to do original BNF binding”.

The Blade 200 Quadcopter is a “Bind and Fly” aircraft designed by the Horizon Hobby. As we mentioned earlier, BNF is the abbreviation of Bind and Fly. This feature helps in getting into the sky a simple task.

The blade 200 QX manual contains a chart of different TX models and how they run when pairing with this blade qx 200. However, Horizon has overlooked the blade 200 qx manual in its aim to cover a multitude of transmitters by not including the “Quick Start Manual” to be used with the DX5e TX transmitter.

It might take some time to know how to do simple tasks such as landing or shutting off the powerful motor – and then extra time to figure out the pairing and blade 200 qx upgrades. This problem can be solved with the inclusion of the quick start guide or a small card with the blade qx 200.

Despite the minor problem, The 200 QX BNF Quadcopter is still considered as one of the best quadcopters in terms of Parts Availability, Reliability, Payload, Flying, Flight modes and so on.

In the below Blade 200 QX Review, we explained the steps behind the Original BNF Binding of the Blade 200 Quadcopter.

  • First insert the blade 200 QX battery in blade QX 200, close the battery door once connected. Keep the quadcopter on a flat surface and wait at a minimum of 10-15 seconds.
  • You should at-least five feet away from the quad and switch on the transmitter (TX) while pressing the left rear TX switch in a forward angle. You can control the switch to other directions after a few seconds.
  • Once you wait at some time, the blue LED light on the blade 200 QX quadcopter will turn solid. (The green color is started for simple flight mode and other respective colors for different modes).
  • You should make sure that the transmitter trim switch is in a center angle – then you can move it anywhere you want.
  • The propellers can be controlled by pulling down throttle stick and this settles down your flight. There is crucial information on the Blade 200 QX Review.

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