Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Models Review

Welcome to the Parrot Ar drone review guide presented By best quadcopters reviews. We will review a range of parrot ar.drone quadricopter models out there in the market today. Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 Review Series, introduced by Parrot is fully functional and comes with an instruction manual to help you out to find out how … Read more

Parrot Rolling Spider Review

The Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider is a lightweight, compact Drone that could be controlled by your Smartphone. We strongly recommend you to read this Parrot Rolling Spider Review to find-out very useful details on Parrot’s Rolling Spider. Parrot AR.Drone is a popular series of drones from the company that was so successful on the … Read more

Parrot Jumping Sumo Review

It is very important to read the Parrot Jumping Sumo Review if you want to find out more information on Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone. Parrot, the manufacturer of AR.Drone quadcopters released this jumping drone has known as “Parrot Jumping Sumo” on the market recently. It can do rushes, rolls, circles, zigzags and can jump … Read more