Cheerson CX-20 Review

Cheerson CX-20 Review
The article current is about Cheerson CX-20 Auto-pathfinder RC Quadcopter, which is a specialized and advanced designed quadrotor. Most Radio Control (RC) enthusiast has been an appeal to it acutely.

This Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter is a DJI Phantom clone with an exceptional cost, has Global Positioning System, single-button arrival home, elevation hold, GoPro HD camera mount, headless flight, manual mode, and stable mode.

This is the latest quadcopter in its cost scope for aerial photography and first-person flight. This analysis concentrates on its performance, features, and package, enabling you to get a brief idea of what this model is in reality like.

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Our Cheerson CX-20 Review and Assessment on The Cheerson CX-20 Auto-pathfinder Quadcopter Model. Immediately upon we first notified this cheerson cx-20 quadcopter model, were excessively astonished at the varied differential names used calling this Cheerson CX-20.

There was the various approach of scribbling the cx-20 cheerson model number, and it looks like alternative companies were also building fakes of this product and offering absolutely various names as well.

What we realized from the thread discussion on the RC forum Group (Accessible Here) was the max useful. We convincingly discovered the model with the genuine box kit it would be gaining upon, and the name in the topmost called it the “Cheerson CX-20 Auto-pathfinder”.

We in one’s own view not assured whether the name “Cheerson CX-20” or cheerson cx-20 open source is just the name of the quadcopter sequence or the name of the association or the agent.

Considering all the detail noticed on this model sound to have it cataloged as the Cheerson CX-20 RC Quadcopter, at the moment we are also going to refer the product that specific name.

Read Our below structured Cheerson CX-20 Review straightaway.

Cheerson Cx-20 Review And Analysis

First, we need to realize the name of this model right on. The authenticate name or it is literally the CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder nevertheless there are different alternative names this specific model drives under. Here is the Cheerson CX 10 Quadcopter Review just in case. Those are…

  • The Hobby King Quanum Nova – Members at Hobby King assumed to have re-branded the Cheerson CX-20 seeing that it has not looked to have purchased very good before.
  • Toyabi CX-20 Auto Pathfinder (HK-TF2932).
  • There again was a third model name labeled the “CX-20 Sky Explorer Firebird Quadcopter” although that was from a YouTube Video we had seen.

Cheerson Cx-20 Specifications

  • Model Name: Cheerson CX-20 Zero Version Auto-pathfinder Quadcopter RTF
  • Manufacturer Website: Cheerson Toy & Hobby Technology
  • Description: Cheerson CX-20 Reviews
  • Duration of Flight: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Charging Period: Approx. 2 Hours (120 minutes)
  • Frequency Communication: 2.4GHz (Gigahertz)
  • Batteries: 11.1V 2500mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Transmitter Controller Model & Brand: CX-20
  • Battery For The Transmitter: four 1.5V AA Batteries required (Not Included)
  • Control Distance and/or Range: Approximately 300 meters
  • Color: White
  • Body Material: ABS Plastic Material
  • Suitable for: Ages 14+ – Manufacturer advise
  • Dimensions: (30 x 30 x 20) cm
  • Max vertical speed: 6 m/s (miles per second)
  • Cheerson CX-20 Manual Included? Yes

What The Package Includes

  • CX 20 Quadcopter
  • Balance Charger
  • Remote Control
  • (4) Propeller
  • (2) Aircraft Support
  • Camera Support
  • User Manual
  • (1) Li-po Battery

Considering down on the model, it reminds the type of like the DJI Phantom or the Blade X350, by the white exterior cover color. All three of these models are extensive size type.

The closeness for the three models terminates upright there. Nonetheless, out of all three, the DJI Phantom Vision v2.0(authentic and the advanced 2nd generation Vision sort) is the one with HD cameras pre-installed.

This version has no camera, and that is apparently its considerable issue. Right now, of course, there will forevermore be the amount of HD camera which you can order to blend with it, on the other hand camera is not part of the kit when you buy a certain Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) kit.

We noticed around to look at which camera is adaptable with this specific model and there is a unit we noticed on “5 Mega-pixel Camera 720P” sold by the person of influence called Nat.

To What Degree This Model Charge?

cheerson cx 20 auto pathfinderTo know the current cheerson cx-20 price, straightaway read this Cheerson CX-20 Review part. At present, all the main online RC toy stores include this cx 20 quadcopter model in the portfolio.

It looks that when we set side by side price comparison of all the areas, it is which has the finest discount price. A few people from the online forums attempted to buy it, and the list price of just the model looked to decrease to about $330, before the present tax.

So that rather great deal, in consideration of how much functions the cx 20 quadcopter has. It indicates that a sum of over 180 units of this same model has sold by this time. Some assessment which have come back have been often positive. Go ahead with our Cheerson CX-20 Review to know more about the cheerson cx-20 quadcopter.

This model looks to be one of those high-end versions that only certain sort of consumer might ever want to buy. The ordinary person who is considering to get a gift or present for a family member for the celebration alike Christmas will apparently not be upsetting to get it.

It is simply too enormous, and expensive. Models similar to this one is relatively always deployed for surveillance and security plan. Seeing that this model does not look to feature the on-board camera incorporated, it means that the cost you could literally be settling to use it in its entire functionality and feature is more anticipated going to be somewhere between $560-$630, along with the camera.

We carried out a bit Google searching to find out which company, in reality, produce the model. Is it manufactured and designed by any hobbyist in their store in the Europe or USA or is the model mass-created in any factory outlet in China? That answer we not at all received.

Without the owner’s manual or a company official website, we cannot get other details on this specific model. We did not buy this specific model our own selves yet so we do not acquire any talent in flying the cheerson cx-20 quadcopter around.

What Is Our Long-term Analysis On The Cheerson Cx-20 Model As Yet?

Until now, the model has fascinated us with all the fundamental functions one could want from an upper-end quality sort of surveillance cx 20 drones.

It is entirely Global Positioning System (GPS) Guided, can also fly auto-pilot, and has the feature of coming back to “Home” or its real take-off place if the model becomes too deep apart from you and the binding process among the cheerson cx-20 auto-pathfinder and the controller/transmitter is broken.

So it is “intelligent”, similar to the Dji line of quadcopters. We prefer this model, even if it does not come with a camera. This concludes our Cheerson CX-20 Review.

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  1. Hattie

    Thanks on your marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great job, have a nice holiday weekend!

  2. Dark Alien

    Evidently there’s a Cheerson CX 20C model comming don’t know what advantage over CX 20 is?

  3. MTran

    hi there, i just received the cx 20 , and I love it so much, but I have problem with the XGW_ESC VER2.4b and I try everywhere to look for the part but never find one, it is really hard to find the part for this model? please advise, please. kind regards

    1. antonyalston

      The Cheerson cx 20 is one of the ideal quadcopter to own. This has some awesome features you won’t find on competitive models. However, let us not forget the fact this is outweighed by expensive RC products on the market. It is quite common to pick up problems with the Cheerson products since you can see previous comments were also about minor problems.

      Finding spare parts for this model is a tedious task. Follow this link if you are looking for the CX-20 ESC Light Control System – as this hyperlink takes you to three different types of ESC parts.

      In case you need to look at all current CX-2O spare parts available follow this link –


    My Dear friends, after 4 months of research , we still have not gotten any responses from the company, in turn we are told thy are doing a complete overall of the CX20, already the prices have dropped, below 250 dollars, it seems thy need frist to get thier over stock CX20 the two older versions off the shelfs first before , we see the newer and better CX20. At the present time we have been trying other models. The time line on the newest one will be out near mid summer of 2015. As soon as we get any news we’ll then give the links.

    1. antonyalston

      The Cheerson manufacturer is a well-recognized quadcopter producer, yet the customer service is not so great compared with other models. They have been lately producing products such as the revamp of CX 20 and the prices are declining significantly. By the way can you confirm that’s the official launch period of CX-20? If Yes? can you validate the source? just to make sure our readers get the accurate information as much as possible. Post with updates if you got any.

  5. jack howells

    Hello People,

    I seem to be having a problem with my Cx 20 quadcopter. When Flying in Manuel mode it seems to be locked flying forward and cannot take off. After about 5 hours of trying many different things it finally flew in balance but only for a few flights. When I tried this morning the same problem was happening again.

    I Would really appreciate any help as this is very frustrating.

    Thanks Guys

    1. antonyalston

      I feel sorry for your bad experience with Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter. This edition of Cheerson release has it’s own ups and downs just like other consumer drones. Analyzing your scenario, this is a common problem that many buyers come across. This problem can cause jerky, unstable flight and sometimes won’t take-off. You may refer this video to find a solution:

      Let me know if problem still persist after you followed that video. If so, I may contact my drone colleagues and help you out.

  6. Northsman

    CX20 MX WITH 2 ANTENNAS, HERE’S where I’m at now, jus not enough input to make a this my main focus, possibly one day the company may have one that has a fare price with companies support. But for I’ll keep looking .

    1. antonyalston

      Only the time will be the solution for this problem. Let’s hope it is not so on near future.

  7. Offler

    Bought a CX-20 Auto Path Finder from cnjhtoys(dot)com , and they sent to a Chinese supplier, who shipped me to Spain along with my -business- order. Great price and service.

    It came with a 5mpx action camera, with 1080p video, Cheerson brand too.

    I am very new -just 3 flights, and my CX-20 still in one piece- and cannot compare, but my feeling is that was a great purchase.

    The CX-20 is equipped with GPS, and that’s great for several option, despite unfortunately you cannot set way-points (Read on forums it could be done with some modifications)

    You can set several option by positioning switches :
    – Take off
    – Keep an altitude
    – Stay hovering in one point
    – No head. The orientation is according to take off position
    – Return to landing point

    This return to landing option (RTL) is great if you don’t manage to control, or loos signal … but in my two flights I noticed it was not very accurate. One landing happened about 2m away of starting point, and another was 5m away … but probably it was much safer then me returning manually and saved the drone.

    Flying was “easy” once you have made all adjusting for leveling …. but certainly it could look like a 747 cabin for a new comer. Is not to be considered like a toy … unless you can afford crashing and repairing such expensive toys (I’ve been lucky until now)

    The propellers came without any protection. I bought some DJI Phantom Vision 2 propellers with guards. It seems the CX-20 can improve performance with DJI propellers

    The Cheerson camera seemed great video quality while not pointing towards sun. I am still trying to find a way to take a picture every 5 seconds, so just could use the video til now. Camera came without manual

    I didn’t buy a motorized gimbals, but the remote controller can handle it.

    I don’t have the FPV equipment, but will consider for the future.

    1. antonyalston

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the Cheerson CX20 Quadcopter. These are really useful facts and hope everyone note it along with my review.

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