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Dji Inspire 1 Review

Dji Inspire 1

DJI's Inspire 1 Quadcopter Overview

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The DJI's Inspire 1 Quadcopter is obviously the max progressive ready-to-fly (RTF) quadcopter with 4K video capability right away. Its 4K footage help, articulating arms, 360 degree gimbal and HD First-Person-View streaming are all cool functions that should form the dji inspire drone a fine choice for experts considering for a complete, ready to fly out of the box system. DJI Innovation has once more established a fresh standard in the aerial videography industry as well as delivering a high-tech, expert level filming rig to the commonplace humanity.

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Introducing the Dji Inspire 1 Review to know more about the New DJI Inspire 1 Copter. The Dji Inspire 1 quadcopter is the up-to-the-minute contribution from aerial footage quadrotor powerhouse DJI. The DJI’s Inspire 1 Quadcopter show up just nine month afterwards the launch of DJI’s insanely famous Phantom 2 Vision Plus, nevertheless the dji inspire one is a comprehensively modern quadcopter, not just an enhance to the Phantom categorization. The inspire 1 drone was officially launched and started on 1st of January, 2015.

The dji inspire quadcopter is certainly in a whole latest status of quadcopter. The inspire 1 drone is much nearer to an experienced aerial footage rig than many quadcopters; this is squarely apart from of the “just a toy” group. Although it might yet attract to typical customers who need an enjoyable equipment to fly throughout and record a few fascinating video, its specifications are adapt squarely at people who are performing experienced aerial filming for a living (on the point of its cost!). This will be fascinating assuming that if the Dji Inspire 1 can merchandise to both professionals and hobbyists. Refer to further article for more information in this dji inspire 1 drone in our Dji Inspire 1 Review!

Overall, the Dji Inspire Drone is an extraordinary drone and is unquestionably the finest quadcopter for videos. This give full 4K HD video help, a mind-blowing gimbal that offers stabilization furthermore a 360 degree rotating sight, a pivoting frame composition that ease an unobstructed sight, and a complete featured application to mange the flight pattern and grant telemetry.

The load of high-tech mechanization loaded into the dji inspire 1 quadcopter with 4k camera is pretty astonishing, moreover we exceptionally praise it as one of the perfect quadcopter for aerial photos and videos. Although is it benefit to you, and is it the finest drone for your demand? That all confide in – supposing that you keep an extra $3,000, then perhaps it is! (refer to the dji inspire 1 accessories) Although view on for our complete Dji Inspire Review for more information!

Getting Started With Dji Inspire 1 – Product Specifications

  • Model Name: Dji Inspire 1 Quadcopter With 4k Camera
  • Model Number: Inspire 1
  • Manufacturer Official Website: DJI
  • Description: Dji Inspire Review

Weight (Battery combined)
2935 grams
Hovering Accuracy (GPS System)
Horizontal: 2.5 m
Vertical: 0.5 m
Maximum Angular Velocity
Yaw: 150°/second
Pitch: 300°/second
Maximum Tilt Angle35°
Maximum Ascent/Descent Speed5 m/s
4 m/s
Maximum Flight Duration
Almost 18 minutes
Motor/Propeller ModelDJI 3510
DJI 1345
Running Temperature Range-10° to 40° C
438x451x301 mm
Full/Effective Pixels
Photo Maximum Size
FOV (Field Of View)
Camera Lens
9 Elements in 9 classes
20mm (35mm format equivalent)f/2.8 focus at ∞
Compatible File Formats
Video: MP4/MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Image: JPEG, DNG
Running Temperature Range0° to 40° C
Remote Controller
Running Range/Frequency
5.725~5.825 GHz
922.7~927.7 MHz (Only Japan)
2.400~2.483 GHz
Power Source
Integrated battery
Charging Method
DJI charger
Charging Temperature Limit Range
0-40° C
Mobile Gear Keeper

Phone or Tablet
Dji Inspire 1 Battery
6000 mAh LiPo 2S battery
Footage Output Port
Model Name
Voltage Level
26.3 Volts
Rated Power
100 Wattage
NameIntelligent Flight Battery System
Model Name
22.2 Volts
4500 mAh
99.9 Wh
Battery Category
LiPo 6S High voltage batteries
Net Weight
570 grams
Running Temperature Range-10° to 40° C

Full specification can be seen on the DJI Official Website – Click Here for complete specification (Credit: DJI.com).

Dji Inspire 1 Design

The Dji Inspire 1 deflect from the rigid, fixed frame drone design in a superior style. Although fold able landing legs have been integrated on a few more advanced octocopters and hexacopters, DJI form an approach to adjust the legs of the drone fold up without putting a lot of weight or raise the complication of the design further more. The dji inspire one frame is built up of carbon fiber, along two arms joined the major middle body, and a couple of perpendicular arms holding the propeller arms – the frame of the drone form a “H” structure extra or lower. Get on with the dji inspire one review for complete discussion of dji inspire quadcopter design.

DJI Inspire 1 with Arms Down

The above-mentioned make over arms allow the DJI Inspire 1 for Sale to place the suspended camera and the body up high and guarded meanwhile the drone is landing, however enable it to drip down and get an un-interrupted channel of view while the quadcopter is floating.

The showed cutting-edge inspire 1 review design is a convincing deflect from the typical “X” framework for quadcopters, also while we cannot critic its merit till looking it in operation for a moment, it looks very encouraging. It unquestionably clarify the problem of taking both the landing gear or the propellers in the edge of footage shots, furthermore it absolutely looks refreshing noticing the quadcopter revolutionize in mid-flight!

Apart from the transforming shape and propeller arms of the dji inspire drone, the certain figure of the quadcopter is actually diverse than what we have noticed on the alternative models. Its central shape is high, narrow, and elongated – it looks mainly to take in the huge 4500mAh battery. The front and middle of the body figure has all the gearing which ease the arms and frame of the DJI Inspire Amazon Drone to pivot, and the electronic components which process the control the quadcopter and video signal. The rear of the group compartment is where the 4500mAh battery slides in. DJI gone for a combo of black/white on the New DJI Inspire 1 Copter, a few extra of a deviation from the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

On the assumption that Dji Inspire 1 Review, the dji inspire one has a beautiful design and attend many fresh concepts to the quadrotor helicopter world.

DJI Inspire 1 Camera and Video

DJI Inspire 1 Camera

One of the biggest expected functions of the dji inspire quadcopter is its brand-new joined 4k video camera. The camera and the lens are suspended beneath the central body of the quadcopter,on top of the 360 degree rotatable gimbal. This can record footage in 1080p at 24-60fps, or in 4K at 24-30fps. To be genuine, I could have wanted a marginally greater frame quota at 4K, however this is not a momentum changer by any way.

It can capture 12 megapixel still images and the lens is possessed of 9 elements in 9 classes, furthermore the dji inspire 1 camera include a 1/2.3″ CMOS censor. The dji inspire 1 video field of view is 94 degrees so this is yet obviously a large angle lens, although it might not include as enough of the fish eye follow-up as alternative systems. Go ahead with the dji inspire 1 reviews for full analysis of DJI’s Inspire 1 Quadcopter Video and Camera.

The gimbal and camera come out to be very minimalist and sleek – its unbelievable that DJI can adjust in 4K video camera in such a small light stuff! The product specifications are absolutely favorable, although we will hold finishing perception on the dji inspire 1 video system till we get an opportunity to test with it hands on and see out alternative video of the dji inspire one in play. The video setup is absolutely a large stride from the optics setup on the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, nevertheless we do not notice a load of Vision+ keeper wanting to rush out and enhance any moment shortly.

In the case that Dji Inspire 1 Review, the dji inspire 1 drone has a new camera and video, and, hence try-out many new ideas to the quadrotor market.

Dji Inspire 1 Charging and Battery

The New DJI Inspire 1 Copter arrive with a huge 4500mAh 22.2 volt LiPo battery, nevertheless DJI to market an even bigger 5700mAh 22.8 volt battery at same time. This takes about 60 minutes to charge, also yields around 18 minutes of flight duration. Furthermore, this is unsatisfying. It is a reduced flight duration compared to the Phantom 2 Vision Plus and whatever lower 20 minutes is lesser than optimal when you are exacting to frame a caption and get a few tremendous video.

Furthermore, 18 minutes for a quadrotor of this ability and size are pretty delicate and surely in line with alternative quadcopter which can executes 4K footage with live streaming competence, so we will not blow away too much marks. That spoken, I am confident many likely consumers were expecting for a close 30 minutes flight duration – something to expect for, DJI! Get under way with the dji inspire reviews for full critiques of Dji Inspire 1 Battery and Charging.

The dji inspire 1 quadcopter with 4k camera show up with an intelligent battery, which DJI debt as a “thoroughly combined intelligent battery setup” which handle itself. The setup determines your left over flight duration while you are floating, and measure how longs you want to reappearance to the home place and can warn you before the nip dead pace, that is fair. The dji inspire 1 drone battery to tell the voltage of particular cell, the entire count of discharges and charges in its career life, and the total battery place. No promise on how much extra batteries are as yet, although I guess they are actually costly – perhaps $250?

On these terms that Dji Inspire 1 Review, the inspire 1 drone has a practical battery and charging system, and, hence try-out most excellent innovations to the quadcopter industry.

Remote Control Transmitter

The New DJI Inspire 1 Copter show up with one transmitter to begin, although with the choice of tally another on to simplify individual customer to manage the quadcopter as well as addition to manage the footage camera. The transmitters themselves feel reasonably simple, however they include joined First-Person-View (FPV) streaming integrated within them, offering you to lock a mobile device or an iPad mini up to see absolutely what the dji inspire 1 camera sees. Complete 720p high-definition footage is streamed to your mobile phone (however not the 4K which you are recording, nevertheless you would not be able to declare in any way!) via DJI’s Lightbridge mechanization. The footage signal can cover up to about 1 1/4 miles or 2,000 meters off.



We will not report on the real flight behavior of the dji inspire drone still, by reasoning of we have not grabbed our hands on one unit. However, the maiden analysis look to point out that the Inspire 1 Quadcopter is responsive, stable and powerful. It looks to include extraordinary maneuver control and nice aerodynamics, as a result of high-tech GPS function and a fresh sensors technology on the base of the quadcopter which allows steady indoor usages even when not locked up to Global Positioning System. This can recognizes your central points even when you maneuver around during the time flying the quadcopter, making sure that it repeatedly flies back harmlessly.

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DJI's Inspire 1 Quadcopter Overview

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