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We warmly welcome you to the Exclusive Dji s1000 Review. The DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Octocopter is one of the popular and latest Multi-rotor manufactured by Dji. It is designed especially for Professional Aerial Cinematography and Photography purposes. The folding Propellers and Frame Arms in the s1000 review model does not need too much of storage space and very portable. You can enjoy a crystal-clear 360 degree view from the HD Camera with the help of the inclined frame arm and retractable landing gear.
Dji s1000 Review

Spreading Wings S1000 Professional Octocoptor Overview

Flight Control System
Failsafe feature
Ease of use

Monster RC

DJI’s Spreading Wings S1000 is one of The Most Advanced RC Drone For Professional Aerial Photography, Videography and Cinematography. It offers Great Stability and Power That is Must-need Need For Many Professional and Advanced RC Flyers. This Octocopter is Equipped With All Sorts of Advanced Drone Facilities That Many RC Professionals Prefer. The Price Tag of The S1000 is Hefty, But It is Well-worth Considering The Features and Accessories Included. All These Features Makes it Truly a Monster RC Drone.

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A Overview on Dji s1000 Review


The Spreading Wings S1000 With Camera

Dji s1000 Review – Your photos and videos will be very clear and stable since this spreading wings s1000 drone comes with built-in vibration dampers and low-mounted gimbal technology. This dji spreading wings s1000 review model is lightweight compared with earlier lines of Dji Quadcopters such as Vision or FC40, thus offering you more flight duration.

The sturdy and compact design makes it an ideal Octocopter for heavy lift or duty operations. In this Dji s1000 Review, you should know that this specific model comes with multiple combinations which allow you to customize the S1000 to suit any type of application.

This product from Dji set standard and does not limit your imagination and you can make a true RC Experience that you never imagined of. The retractable landing gear and frame arms are made up of high-quality carbon fiber, making sure structural stability and lightweight design. Continue reading this Dji s1000 Review to have an in-depth understanding of spreading wings s1000 review completely.

This DJI Spreading Wings S1000 is one of the most advanced drone for professional photography released up-to-date on the high demand consumer market. Although, it is fairly huge in size its lift capacity is higher and could carry professional cameras like Canon 5D mark III or a GoPro. This dji s1000 reviews model feature a takeoffs carry weight of 10kg and weigh around 4.3kg. This dji spreading wings s1000 drone is capable of flying around 15-20 minutes, depending on the type of battery you use.

You can expect a powerful take-off lift if you are using a 20000mah Battery. However, reading this s1000 dji review is highly recommended for professional photographers alike, thus beginners will have hard time to control this octocopter. We recommend you to continue reading this Dji s1000 Review to find-out more useful information on its features, Technical Specifications and so on.

Dji s1000 Review Features

Stable and Safe

  • The Spreading Wings S1000 Drone offer huge amount of propulsion that helps to increase the Power Efficiency. This model remains very stable even if there is a loss of a rotor with the help of DJI flight controllers. This V type of mixer design is ideal for offering better control over this octocopter. Check-out the below s1000 dji review for more useful facts.
  • The Patented Coaxial Cable Connector is integrated into a power distribution that comes with a center frame. It is much reliable, efficient and very easy to install that restrict the need of soldering. The main power cord of the Dji s1000 uses a XT150 plug and a AS150 spark-proof plug. This help the user from mixing up polarity while plugging the battery and avoid the short circuits.
  • The retractable landing gear and frame arms are made up of Carbon Fiber, offering lightweight design with high structural stability performance.

Spreading Wings S1000 Octocoptor

  • This Professional Octocoptor weigh around 4kg and the greatest take-off weight is 11kg. It can carry any type of equipment including a heavy-weight camera easily. It uses a 6S 15000mAh battery and can fly up to 15 minutes or so depending the type of battery you use.
  • The Gimbal Technology is placed on a low-profile frame which is placed on a specially designed bracket. It offers a great wide shooting angle with the help of retractable landing gear.
  • Dji Spreading Wings S1000 Review – The Battery and Gimbal are placed on the same bracket and dampers are kept among the frame and bracket. It helps to significantly cut the high-frequency vibrations and take sharper and clearer photos. The position of the battery tray is more convenient and stable for dismounting and mounting. Go ahead and read the spreading wings s1000 review for more information.
  • You can easily connect to a A2 flight controller and set flight guidelines. This model is especially optimized for A2 installation and wiring. Its premium design makes sure to keep the A2’s antenna away from the metal or carbon offering a good signal. It also support any type of Zenmuse Z15 gimbal technology. Read the below s1000 review for more details on Dji Spreading Wings S1000 Drone.

Easy To Use and Portable

  • You can easily tuck away the 1552 folding propeller and the eight arms could be folded down completely, thus making it very easy for transportation from one place to another.
  • You should simply lift the frame arms up to start flying. Lock those in a position with the help of red clips and power up the octocopter system. It helps to save the pre-flight preparation duration much.
  • There are eight positions and three XT60 power sockets reserved for the device installation on the center frame, allowing it to install much tidier and easier.

Easy To Fly and Control

  • Every arm of this Dji s1000 Review model is designed with 3° inclination and a 8° introversion, allowing it to stay very still and stable while pitching and rolling and be more flexible for a perfect rotation.
  • Every single frame arm comes with an integrated 40A electronic speed controller. This dji s1000 reviews model offer a greatest thrust of 2.5Kg with the help of 1552 folding propellers and 4114 pro motor.
  • The all-new DJI S-1000 Octo Copter drone is designed especially for heavy-duty operations. You can have a great aerial photography platform with the combination of latest Zenmuse Z15 technology. You can mount either a Canon 5D mark II or mark III or even a GoPro Camera to record, capture live aerial photos and videos.
  • Dji s1000 Review – This model has an unique folding design construction which increases the portability of the device, thus enabling for quick pre-flight and set-up on flight areas. Check all lines of dji quadcopters for more information.


its foldable

The Unique Folding Design of DJI Spreading Wings S1000

We will update this Dji s1000 Review with more extensive information once we personally test this octocopter for our-self. With that being said, now we think this drone is a great choice for those who liked the S800 very much, but want a minimal payload capacity. If you are a person who mastered the Phantom II Vision quadcopter then this model can offer advanced video options and advanced camera. Of course it is expensive, but considering the technology and features behind it this is absolutely worth the investment.

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Spreading Wings S1000 Octocoptor Overview

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