Parrot Jumping Sumo Review

Parrot Jumping Sumo Review
It is very important to read the Parrot Jumping Sumo Review if you want to find out more information on Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone. Parrot, the manufacturer of AR.Drone quadcopters released this jumping drone has known as “Parrot Jumping Sumo” on the market recently.

It can do rushes, rolls, circles, zigzags and can jump 80cm in the air. It comes with a 20 minute of rolling action and stream live videos that are broadcast on to your smartphone device.

Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone is very similar to a Rolling Spider that can be customized with stickers and controlled using a Free Flight 3 App. We strongly recommend you to continue reading this Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone Review for more useful information.

Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone truly dominates the Ground and the Sky without any doubt. It is a great combination of technological capabilities and impressive entertaining stunts and tricks.

It is not meant for only a set of people but designed for everyone involved in the RC Field. It is one of the top gadget buffs of this year that you should not miss to own one. This Parrot Drone is arguably the perfect match for any RC Hobbyist.

It’s highlighting features consist of Wi-Fi connection, independent Wheels, High-quality integrated Camera and so on. With that being said, it is truly a Robotic Monster drone that is available at an affordable price.

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Introduction on Parrot Jumping Sumo Review

Parrot Jumping Sumo was released in mid-August 2014 and it is also called as the “Roving Drone” by some people. The Jumping Sumo is totally different because it is a ground-based RC Vehicle that comes with wheels.

This factor makes reading Jumping Sumo Review very interesting and exciting. It can jump or flip over different obstacles and run just like an advanced RC Car. It can jump a greatest height or length of 80cm and land upright accurately.

It can kick any object that is in its path with the help of internal spring and auto-balancing technology. Check-out more information on Parrot Jumping Sumo Review below.

The Jumping Sumo can be also controlled by a FreeFlight 3 Application which can stream the live video feed to your tablet or smartphone. You can also set a predetermined sketch of acrobatics, tricks, and movements that the drone will execute independently based on your commands.

We recommend you to check this Parrot Jumping Sumo Review regularly so that we could update this page if there are no any changes in the price of the unit. This Parrot Jumping Sumo review uses similar technology used in the quadcopters but has some differences in terms of design, features, and performance.

It is also called as a “Rover” on most occasions because of its unique body design construction. This Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone made the headline for many serious Gadget Lovers across the globe from the time it was launched.

It offers the best value for many Tech Lovers who like to hang around with a ground-roaming drone with excellent capabilities. It features hard-wearing and huge silicone wheels that has a good chance to jump well and properly.

This Jumping Sumo Review model can reach an excellent 2. 6 feet in a single jump without getting stuck in any obstacles close by. This Parrot’s Jumping Sumo can offer great fun and excitement to anyone who likes to dig into the RC Field either for recreational or fun purposes.

Feel free to read the Parrot Jumping Sumo Review on the Highlight Features, Cameras, and Design.

parrot jumping sumo models

Parrot Mini Drone comes with a built-in Top-notch Camera in front of the drone which acts as a viewfinder for the user. It also comes with an online video media recorder for your needs.

It can transfer the information via a high-speed Wi-Fi connection instead of Bluetooth. You can control it with a mobile application which is available on both Android and iOS Platform.

This Jumping Sumo Review is based on the camera. This Parrot Jumping Sumo offers excellent performance that is well-worth for the money.

It has the good precision ground control and huge independent wheels that give ideal entertainment and help to meet various stunts that are not possible with an RC Quadcopter.

Highlighting Features Of Parrot’s Jumping Sumo Mini Drone

  • Precise Controls Via Your Tablet or Smartphone
  • Built-in High-Quality Camera in Front of The Drone
  • Has The Ability To Jump Over 2.5 Feet and Land Very Safely in an Upright Position
  • High Speed 90 Degree Turns
  • The Wheels Can Be Folded To Perform Better Tricks and Speed Control
  • Ultimate Wi-Fi Abilities
  • Accelerator and Gyroscope For Better Precision

Parrot Jumping Sumo – The Design

The original Parrot Jumping Sumo design allows this mini drone to do impressive tricks and stunts. It comes with a heavy-duty plastic compound that allows withstanding the big impact without any heavy obligation.

The huge wheels could be managed independently, allowing it to turn even on tighter angles with ease. It is truly a Robotic Genius in the RC Market. The powerful metal piston-style mechanism included in the body construction gives it great flying capacity.

The camera is placed on a good place that does not interfere while controlling this Parrot Jumping Sumo Review model from a fair distance.

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