Parrot Rolling Spider Review

Parrot Rolling Spider Review
The Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider is a lightweight, compact Drone that could be controlled by your Smartphone. We strongly recommend you to read this Parrot Rolling Spider Review to find-out very useful details on Parrot’s Rolling Spider.

Parrot AR.Drone is a popular series of drones from the company that was so successful on the market. Parrot brand decided to launch the Rolling Spider in the US in early August 2014 along with its latest innovation The Jumping Sumo, which is a rolling bot that is a member of Parrot Mini Drones lineup.

We decided to put up this Parrot Rolling Spider Review for you to check some details before actually owning one. Parrot’s Rolling Spider is one of the Popular Innovation From The Creator of AR Drone 2.0, The Parrot.

It is a Phenomenal, Ultra-Compact Drone That Appeals Both Beginner and intermediate Flyers. It can Both Fly and Roll Anywhere You Want. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Allow To Control The Drone Via Your Smartphone.

It offers up to eight Minutes of Flight Duration and Allows To Perform Various Aerial Stunts on Different Piloting Modes. You Can Easily Take Aerial Photos Such as Selfies From The Sky With The Help of Vertical-Mini Camera.

It Comes With a Built-in Propeller Circuit-breaker in Case of a Sudden Crash. Overall, This Drone is Just Phenomenal.

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Overview On Parrot Rolling Spider Review

From our experience, it is well-designed, easy-to-fly, ultra-compact Jumping Drones that offer a lot of fun and excitement. However, the battery is a minor disappointment, but still, it is outweighed by some of its great advantages and features.

This Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider is always ready to roll and fly anywhere you want. Go ahead and read the Parrot Rolling Spider Review to find out more useful information that you were not aware of.

Anyway, you can read about this Mini Drone with Camera and let us know whether you like this to be fully reviewed on our list of best quadcopters pages too. Parrot, the creator of Mini Drones are always innovative when it comes to producing high-quality products for the current market trends.

In recent times, Parrot Mini Drones has become phenomenal, appeals to both intermediate and beginner flyers alike. It is available in three different colors that are blue, red and white. You can get to know the important features of this rolling spider in the below given Parrot Rolling Spider Analysis.

Parrot Rolling Spider Review Specifications

  • Brand: Parrot
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 2.6 x 8.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Batteries: one Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: PF723001
  • Technology: FreeFlight 3 App iOS & Android – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Flight Duration: eight Minutes
  • Charge Duration: one Hour
  • The List of Compatible Devices That Parrot’s Rolling Spider Can Be Controlled With

Rolling and Flying

rolling and flyingThis Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider comes with Two Small Wheels on both sides along with four propellers, which allow for 360-degree flips. The wheel of the rolling spider allows the drone to glide up the Ceilings or Walls and behave as a collision guard during the flight.

You can de-attach the wheels when you want. Despite the size, it is easy to man-oeuvre and highly agile even for a novice.

It is a bit larger than Hubsan x4 but slightly smaller than Syma x1.

You should be very careful about the outdoors because it could get carried away easily.

You have to be very careful when flying the Parrot’s Rolling Spider too high up on the sky while the full throttle is turned on, this could lose remote control connection and the largest range of Rolling Spider is only 66ft or 20m.


This model compensates the Environmental Conditions In the automatic pilot mode with the help of a gyroscope and accelerometer, allowing the person to focus solely just on the flying.

Just like the other high-tech drones, the Parrot Mini Drones has been designed and planned to keep its place and altitude in Hover Mode. It means that you do not have to worry about drones turning away once you release the remote control transmitter.

This is highly suitable for children who like indoor flight and extremely lightweight that will not cause any major injury.


You can control the Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider using the Bluetooth 4.0 Technology through a Smartphone Application knew as “FreeFlight 3”, which comes with pre-programmed acrobatic stunts and tricks. With just a few clicks, you could make this drone flipping, rolling, barrel rolls and back-flips. This gives you the most enjoyable hobby and pastime of your lifetime.

To download the demo of the FreeFlight 3 App, Check-out the Apps Below. This is an important section in this parrot rolling spider review.

Android Free Flight 3 App
iPhone FreeFlight 3 App

The Camera

Unlike other drones, this Parrot’s Rolling Spider comes with an integrated Camera. However, this is not ideal for Professional Aerial Photography. The quality of the camera is a bit low and can only capture 0.3MP shots.

The camera is placed beneath the drone that directly points downwards. This can capture only flat 2D shots and 3D is not supported. The placement of the camera will help to increase the speed of the drone and allow it to take regular snapshots.

Flight Duration

This Parrot Mini Drones can offer a flight duration for eight Minutes and six Minutes with wheels. It might take among 60-90 minutes for this Rolling Spider to charge fully which is a bit longer compared with a Quadcopter.

This period is quite comparable to most mini quadcopters out there on the market already. You can buy an extra set of batteries if want to enjoy the continual flight without having to recharge the battery again.

This is one of the key things to consider while reading this parrot rolling spider review.


Parrot Rolling Spider Review – One of the highlighting features of Parrot Mini Drone with Camera is that you can customize it with the stickers. It may sound like a bit gimmicky, but many kids like to do it.

You will some of the options of customization such as vampire’s teeth, mustache and teeth grinding stickers. There might be other options for stickers available soon. This model comes in three different colors from which you can select from.

Parrot’s Rolling Spider is pretty Addictive, Fun and Easy-to-Fly. For under 100 dollars, it offers great agility and superb controls. With that being said, this model cannot match the popularity of its big brother such as Parrot Ar Drone 2.0, because it is of a different class that has high respect on the market.

This drone is definitely better than other beginner drones in terms of the use of a smartphone device for controls and flight duration. Anyway, thank you in advance for reading this Parrot Rolling Spider Review.

Feel free to send us a message if you need it in the decision-making process.

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