Syma X11 Review – Hornet RC Quadcopter

Syma X11 Review – Hornet RC Quadcopter
Syma Toys smack again with its introduction of the X11 Mini Quadcopters series, namely Syma X11 Hornet without the on-board camera and the X11C (Air-Cam) comes with the camera, that shoots a high-definition video and able of capturing aerial photos hand-operated and via the remote radio transmitter.

Syma new introduced X11 series is incredibly good for Quadcopter fans! six shaft four-channel craft and a 2.4 GHz communication of remote control that complements its control and stability.

Since it is indestructible and light, everybody can fly it simply! it is available in three colors Black, Red and White and attractive LED’s will form an awesome night flight.

The 4CH 6 axis gyro function makes it more balanced for outdoor and indoor flight.

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Syma X11 Review: The Syma RC x11 quadcopter is the latest contribution for Syma, is renowned for its entrance did-leveled indoor/outdoor outside X5c and X1 versions. The Syma X11 is a small-scale size drone with high definition footage potential, so it is identical to the Hubsan X4 in view of price mark, design, and functions.

The Syma x11 quadcopter is simple to fly, stable, so loads of enjoyment – refer to our complete Syma X11 Review! (Hint here for Syma Comparison of X1 vs X11 models)

Syma X11 Review – Specifications

  • Model Name: Syma X11 R/C Quadcopter – Red
  • Manufacturer Official Website: Syma Toys
  • Description: Syma X11 Quadcopter Review
  • Spare Parts: 1PCS scewdriver+1PCS tail blade (included)
  • Charging: 2 ways (Controller & USB available)
  • Charging Duration: about 40 minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V150mAH Li-poly
  • Flying Distance: about 40 meters
  • Flying Duration: 5-7 minutes
  • Controller: 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology Controller
  • Flight Mode: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Remote Controller: Included
  • Syma X11 Camera: No mounting space for the camera (not included)
  • Syma X11 Parts Available? Yes Replacement Parts Are Available

Basic Syma X11 Packaging

The Syma quadcopter x11 arrives in a typical cardboard package alongside with all things you want to start hovering, short of 4x Syma x11 batteries for the transmitter: I opt you to read my underneath Syma X11 Review to dig deep into the Syma X11 RC quadrocopter. You can, therefore, order Syma x11 spare parts separately if needed.

syma x11 rc quadcopter

  • Syma RC X11 quadricopter
  • Syma X11 Drone Manual (This contains the Syma X11 Instructions)
  • Single 3.7V 250mAh LiPo battery
  • Built-in propeller guard
  • Four additional propeller guards
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Transmitter
  • Single USB microSD card reader
  • Single USB charging wire
  • Single 4GB microSD card

Overall, the Syma X11 shows up very strong assembled. Although you will want to order four AA Syma x11 battery in advance you can take off, this is good did Syma X11 consist of an SD card reader, SD card, so additional propeller guards – good feeling at its cost range. For a letter idea of ​​Syma X11 Review why not checkup the below lines?

Syma X11 Design

The Syma x11 quadcopter possesses a good-looking symbolic mini drone design, Including a plastic framework construction, four plastic material lengthening arms to the engine and propeller, ie a plastic cover to look after the propeller guards from an accident (Especially all along with stay-at-home take-off).

The main point to figure out is, dass die propellers are integrated into Syma x11 hornet – This might be the potential to snap it off, However, it glimpse like it to what made Constantly there in the course of indoor as well as outdoor take-off.

This Increases a little weight, yet this executes a fine task at protecting the propeller from the accident so we guess it was a clever act on Syma x11 parts. Dig into the Syma X11 Review for a more in-depth analysis of this topic.

The propeller guards are regulated, is a thing you did Commonly notice on a few bigger drones. You will need to Ensure did Those remain free and clean of dust, yet the are reasonably fine included this much That should not be full of a problem. The x11 Syma model has four LED lights on on the rock-bottom of the quadcopter to benefit you control it, as well as in the foremost there is a Syma x11 camera.

The Syma x11 battery drifts into the tail of the drone as well as there is a ribbed portion of plastic Which supports grip it in the time flying the x11 Syma. Assuming did you are used to the Hubsan X4 H107C drone, at instant did Syma X11 will be very commonplace – hypothesis is comparatively similar to the drones! Those Roughly possess the look-alike on track and uncommonly identical design.

Overall, Syma x11 drone retains a sturdy design that should understand execute great in take-off as well as face clashes.

How to Fly

The Syma RC x11 quadcopter is simple to control and easy to adapt on. The transmitter is an ideal size and also this sense very closer to an Xbox controller. On a few quadcopters of this range, you obtain a much Shorter remote control transmitter, THEREFORE it was great to notice did Syma Toys consist of at Entire-sized one.

The drone comes with a lot of power and senses quite obedient even in the Reduced sensitivity adjustments. Supposing did you are flying in a huge indoor area or outdoors, you might also need to adjust the aggressiveness and sensitivity up the maximum, as you will sense much more in balance and you can perform different technical flips and maneuvers.

The only trouble we noticed in the Syma x11 quadcopter is the considerably sluggish yaw, did the movement is controlling the drone right or left – for example. rotating all over its Particular axis.

I would recommend a few additional yaw speed faster, or else a dynamic variable yaw speed based on how longs you turned the force switch. HOWEVER, it is a small trouble, so overall the Syma x11 drone is a pleasure to fly.

Video and Camera

The Syma x11 hornet quadcopter consists of a high definition footage camera and moreover this is very simple to record footage via it – You have to just insert the microSD card into the quadcopter, plug in the Syma x11 battery upgrade, adjust the transmitter to this, then onward press the tiny black stick on the left area of ​​the quadcopter.

The footage quality is sadly not good, yet this is on par Compared to other deals in the $50 budget for its size of the drone. Knowing that there is no video footage, no stabilization is moving to be very shaky and buzz and maximum quality of the image are considered low quality.

Yet, for workout flying and filming this is not the worst in any case, outdoors and in decent light, You Could obtain a few reasonable photos – HOWEVER do not just expect to notice anything at all like the DJI Phantom + Gimbal gentle shots + GoPro on YouTube site!

Battery and Charging

The Syma x11 battery proceeds around 40 minutes or so to full charge, yet the Syma X11 Instructions shows did It could take more than one hour (That Could be really up high!).

The instructions did point out it takes around 5 minutes yet in our reality testing situation we were getting more like over six to eight minutes are on par with Comparable did drone.

Charging the drone is simple with the given name USB charger, and so: because You Could slide-out Syma x11 batteries we would greatly advise did you buy in additional x11 Syma spare parts and hold them pre-charged so You Could get nonstop flight experience.

Be fingers-crossed to analyze the conclusion of the Syma X11 review soon.

Conclusion – Syma X11C

Overall, the Syma x11 hornet is a good drone for starters and intermediate pilots alike. It gives footage facility in a fair priced bundle, a clever design alongside a firm propeller protective guard, as well as stable stabilization Which Allows for simple flight flying.

You will not obtain a good high definition video from this quadcopter, yet this is a great one to try on ahead of trying the Inspire or Phantom range quadricopter. See our other choices for Best quadricopter and therefore we desire you liked our Syma X11 Review!

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