Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Review

Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Review

Wltoys v959 Quadcopter is one of the Best-Selling Quadcopter with excellent Feedbacks & Reviews on Amazon. Wltoys v959 Review model is also called a “Bad Boy” Quadcopter because of its unique design which you do not see very often in traditional models. Keep reading this v959 Quadcopter Review to learn more information.

WL Toys V959 Quadcopter Is a Truly “Bad Boy” Because of It’s Mind-Blowing Unique Design. It Is Also Called “Future BattleShip Gatling Machine” By Most of The People.

The Unique Features Separate This Model Apart From Others Include on-board Camera, four Channel Function, First Person View, Advanced Remote Control Feature & Many More.

You Can Have a Fun Flying Experience & The Flight Duration Is Among 8-10 Minutes. Overall, WL Toys V959 Is Truly a Bad Boy.

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v959 Quadcopter Review – This is a Mid-Sized Budget Quad that is suitable for both RC First Time Flyers & Experts. You can read more information about Wltoys v959 Quadcopter With Built In Camera in the upcoming paragraphs.

Unlike other models, Wltoys v959 RC Quadcopter comes with Onboard Camera To Capture Videos & Photos. The flight time is about 8-10 Minutes & Take About one Hour to charge fully this Quadcopter.

It’s a Ready-To-Fly Model from the moment you take it right out of the box. It doesn’t need any complex assembly to start flying. Keep reading this Wltoys v959 Review to discover more interesting facts that you do not know about this model.

Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Pros

  • The Affordable Price Tag Is The First Thing That Will Impress You While Reading This Wltoys v959 Preview. You Will Also Get Above attachments Without Any Additional Cost.
  • It Has a Built-In Camera on Board To Make The Aerial Photography Possible. First Person View Is Supported.
  • You will Get a Charger So That You Can Easily Recharge At Any Time You Want.
  • The Remote Control Distance Is Up To 50 Meters (160 Feet).
  • You will Get a Detailed Operation Manual So That You Can Use It As a Help To Control The Quadcopter.
  • The Built-In GYRO Technology Will Give You a Super Stable Flights Even In Light Windy Condition. This is one of the best features of this v959 Quadcopter Review.

Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Cons

  • You May Find It Difficult To Control The Wltoys v959 Analysis Model If You Are a First-Time Flyer. However, You will Get Used To It If You Fly It on a Regular Basis.
  • It Might Be Exposed To Crash Damages If You Lost Signal. However, the material will not allow it to break easily. Keep the distance range to 50 meters (It Helps To Avoid From Falling).

Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Conclusion

Wltoys v959 Quadcopter is arguably one of the popular RTF models in the market today. This pack with tons of exciting features that you cannot find in an ordinary Quad. You can read the Hubsan X4 Review if necessary.

This is one of the Go-To-Choice if you cannot afford to buy high expensive Quad such as Dji Phantom, but want a decent-looking Quadcopter under 70 dollars.

We hope you enjoyed this Wltoys v959 Quadcopter guide very much. Bookmark for our site if you like this content. This is all about the Wltoys v959 Review.

Check Wltoys V959 Best Price on Amazon

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